Coming from a family tradition of woodworking – my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were cabinet makers to trade, I have always had an interest in handmade furniture.

After training in my early 20’s, I travelled extensively in Australia and New Zealand, before returning home 3 years later and set up Tailor Made Furniture; combining my passion for making beautiful furniture. with my desire to support the environment by using locally sourced Scottish Hardwoods.In the last 20 years I have been lucky to have worked with a broad range of business and private clients, creating pieces that can fit into their home or business. From bespoke, handmade dining furniture made of jarrah, to kitchens of maple, from elm display cabinets to oak university libraries, I aim to make furniture of a style and quality that will last and can be passed from one generation to another.

I use traditional carpentry methods and materials to give the durability that I just don’t think you get with modern, mass produced furnishings, but combining with modern technology to ensure that each piece can fit into modern day life. An example of this is an elm kitchen I have recently completed for a client, which combined the beauty of handmade shaker style elm cabinets and a stunning kitchen island, with a built-in pull-out larder, corner storage and circular carousel to maximise storage practicality. I often get asked to get involved in unusual projects – recently I made a kitchen for a circular room, with each unit being crafted individually for the unique curve of the wall.  I also helped a previous client achieve an unusual bathroom finish with a sink made of birch and glass.  The beauty of bespoke is that the only limit is your imagination!

There are a number of good reasons to choose bespoke, handmade furniture for the home and you will get much more than simply a chair, table, or bed.  Firstly, you will have full input into the style, finish and size of the finished creation, therefore having a unique focal point for your room and you can be assured that your completed piece will be crafted by hand to last for many years, with your items custom made to your specifications.

When you want new furnishings for a bedroom, you have a very good idea of what you need. However, when you go to a larger retailer you will find a “one size fits all” approach and this limits the amount of choices.  What if you are taller than the average person and would like a higher bed which also allows for greater storage capacity underneath?  What if your wall space is between sizes for the two choices of accompanying drawer units?  Why compromise? You don’t have to if you choose bespoke as your finished pieces will be the exact size you want them to be.

Perhaps you are short in stature. When it comes to selecting dining room furniture you need tables and chairs that are comfortable, as well as beautiful. Average chairs and tables are made for average sized people. The sets I made are designed and sized exactly to your wants and needs.

Maybe you wish to remodel your kitchen. You don’t need to be forced to choose things that will fit into thousands of kitchens. When you choose custom crafted cupboards, counters and islands, your furniture is made to fit your living space; and it will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

I always look to use the finest of quality materials, visiting the sawmill personally to select the best raw materials available, taking into account the small details such as what grain of wood will compliment your piece. My clients are always welcome to visit my workshop to see their piece being crafted – and may wish to get involved for a couple of hours to allow them to say they didn’t just design the piece, they helped to produce it!

Finally, I think there can be a common misconception that Bespoke furniture is bound to be significantly more expensive than a shop bought piece.  This is not the case and many of my clients have been very pleasantly surprised at the costs having already trawled the high street options.  If you choose Tailor Made Furniture your home or business will contain a unique talking piece that no one else can claim, for a reasonable price.  You will also be supporting a Scottish business with raw materials sourced here and manufacturing taking place locally.  But most importantly, you can enjoy finely crafted furnishings for a lifetime, and your grandchildren will also enjoy their comfort and beauty, many years into the future.

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