About Us

Originating from a lineage of woodworking, with my Grandfather and Great Grandfather as cabinet makers, I’ve always been interested in handmade furniture. I honed my skills in my early 20’s, then embarked on extensive travels in Australia and New Zealand. Upon returning home three years later, I established Tailor Made Furniture. This venture married my passion for creating beautiful furniture with my commitment to the environment, using locally sourced Scottish Hardwoods.

Twenty Years of Crafting Diverse Furniture

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide array of business and private clients, tailoring pieces to fit seamlessly into their homes or businesses. My projects range from bespoke dining furniture made of jarrah, to maple kitchens, elm display cabinets, and oak university libraries. My aim is to create furniture with a style and quality that withstands time, capable of being passed down through generations.

Blend of Traditional and Modern Techniques

My furniture creations reflect a fusion of traditional carpentry methods and modern technology. I believe in the durability of traditional methods, often missing in modern, mass-produced furnishings. Yet, I incorporate modern technology to ensure each piece fits contemporary lifestyles. For instance, a recently completed elm kitchen beautifully demonstrates this combination, with handmade shaker style elm cabinets and a stunning kitchen island equipped with built-in storage solutions.

The Limitless Potential of Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture allows for boundless creativity, offering unique solutions such as a kitchen for a circular room, or a birch and glass sink for an unconventional bathroom finish. The beauty of bespoke lies in the fact that the only limit is your imagination.

Why Choose Bespoke, Handmade Furniture?

Selecting bespoke, handmade furniture comes with several benefits beyond the mere acquisition of a chair, table, or bed. You have total control over the style, finish, and size of the final creation, which becomes a unique focal point in your space. The furniture is crafted to last for years, and is custom-made according to your specifications. This means no more compromising on size or design to fit standard retail options. Whether you require a higher bed, a smaller chair, or custom-sized drawer units, bespoke furniture guarantees satisfaction.

Quality Materials and Customer Involvement

In my commitment to quality, I personally select the best raw materials from the sawmill, considering details like the wood grain that will best complement your piece. I welcome clients to my workshop, inviting them to participate in crafting their pieces, allowing them to contribute beyond mere design.

Cost-Effective Bespoke Furniture

Contrary to common misconceptions, bespoke furniture doesn’t necessarily cost significantly more than shop-bought pieces. Many clients have been pleasantly surprised at the costs compared to high street options. Choosing Tailor Made Furniture means supporting a local Scottish business, sourcing materials locally and manufacturing on-site. You receive a unique piece that becomes a talking point in your space, while investing in a beautifully crafted furnishing that will last for generations.

Euan is a great joiner, he has great ideas & always does a fantastic job. He made bespoke furniture for my daughters attic room a few years ago & we were so happy with it, he totally utilised all the space we had & worked around the sloping roof areas making it look fantastic, the whole room was transformed. Unfortunately I have no photos at the moment as my daughter is working in there at present however when I can I will load some as you really have to see the look. There is also still so much space. Euan is very professional, polite & nothing is too much trouble. I would definitely recommend him.

This past week or so we had Euan build us a Pergola outside for our sitting area, it looks great, still got to paint it however need the weather to dry up first. So happy with it, cant wait to dress it all & put nice lights on it. Once again Euan was fast, reliable, professional & his perfection shines through his work.
Annette McDonald

Bespoke furniture allows for boundless creativity, offering unique solutions such as a kitchen for a circular room, or a birch and glass sink for an unconventional bathroom finish. The beauty of bespoke lies in the fact that the only limit is your imagination.

Euan has just finished building the furniture for my kitchen and bathroom in Glasgow. I very much enjoyed working with him because he listens carefully and tries to create the room you have in your mind but also collaborates and invents to make the outcome better. He found fabulous wood to work with and was endlessly patient in bringing everything together. As a result, I have a beautiful new kitchen and bathroom, which immediately felt like home. My hope is that we both enjoyed the experience. I can recommend Euan's work to anyone who wants furniture that is made to last, is both practical and original, and uses marvellous wood.
Robert Archer
I can thoroughly recommend Euan at Tailor made Furniture for anyone looking for beautiful bespoke pieces of fitted and stand alone furniture. His attentive and professional service and quality of work has resulted in our repeated custom which started with a custom oak kitchen, then we later had him create a stunning black walnut bathroom, and recently he beautifully crafted us a kitchen island. We are already planning to use him on our next home project. Would rather keep him a secret, but again cannot recommend Euan and Tailor Made Furniture enough to anyone wanting to have stunning and unique furniture.
Annette McDonald