Oak is a hard and decorative wood with a particularly attractive figure in quarter-sawn material. It is a remarkable material; strong, extremely durable, heavy and attractive which makes it the ideal wood to use in construction both indoors and outdoors. Scottish Wood has sold oak for a multiple of purposes; including boat building, construction beams, restoration work, post and rail fencing, bridge-building, signs, waymarkers, lintels, board-walks, flooring, outdoor and indoor furniture.

It is extremely durable outdoors and doesn’t need any preservative treatment. It is once again becoming popular for outdoor fencing, gates, furniture and features especially in urban areas – both because there is no painting or maintenance requirements and also because of it’s high resistance to vandalism (cutting, sawing and burning).

Traditionally oak was the main building timber in Europe; including posts or beams, boards or roof shingles – it was also the main shipbuilding timber. Oak structures can and do last for centuries and there are churches in Scandinavia whose original oak timbers are over 1000 years old.

Most parts of an oak tree are full of tannins or tannic acids -­ powerful chemicals that have the remarkable property of making skins and hides resistant to decay. Tannins in the wood make the heartwood exceptionally durable outdoors and can survive without treatment. But they react to iron causing “inkstains” ­ ignored in rough outdoor work, but indoors oak must always be secured with wooden pegs, brass screws or other metals containing no iron.


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