The Everlasting and Elegant Oak

Aesthetics and Durability

Oak is a hard and decorative wood that exhibits an exceptionally attractive figure, especially in quarter-sawn material. It’s a truly remarkable material that is strong, extremely durable, heavy, and attractive. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor construction purposes.

Versatile Applications

Over the years, Oak has been sold by Scottish Wood for a plethora of purposes. These include boat building, construction beams, restoration work, post and rail fencing, bridge-building, signs, waymarkers, lintels, board-walks, flooring, and indoor and outdoor furniture. Its extreme durability outdoors means it doesn’t need any preservative treatment, making it a popular choice for outdoor fencing, gates, furniture, and features, particularly in urban areas. Its maintenance-free properties and high resistance to vandalism add to its appeal.

Historical Significance

Traditionally, Oak was the primary building timber in Europe and the main shipbuilding timber. Oak structures have been known to last for centuries, with some churches in Scandinavia still standing strong with their original Oak timbers, over 1000 years old.

Tannin-Rich Timber

Oak is rich in tannins or tannic acids, powerful chemicals known for their preservative properties, particularly with skins and hides. These tannins also provide the heartwood with exceptional outdoor durability, even without treatment. However, they react to iron, causing “ink stains”. In indoor applications, Oak should always be secured with wooden pegs, brass screws, or other metals that contain no iron.

Euan's Recommendations

Euan recommends Oak for several applications due to its durability and charm. Dining tables and kitchen islands crafted from Oak add a timeless elegance to your home. For outdoor furniture, Oak is a favourite for its maintenance-free and robust nature.