Black Walnut

Distinct Qualities of Black Walnut

Revered for its dark allure, Black Walnut is a hardwood that brings together heaviness and strength in one impressive package. Its charm lies in the fact that despite its toughness, it remains delightfully workable and easy to split, making it a favourite choice for furniture, cabinet making, flooring, and various other woodworking endeavours.

A Rich Historical Past

Black Walnut trees are quite the spectacle, reaching towering heights of 40-50m and featuring trunks with diameters of up to 60″. Additionally, these trees produce black walnuts, edible fruits known for their health benefits. Commonly found growing in the Mid and Eastern regions of the USA and Canada, these trees are as impressive as the wood they yield.

Euan's Recommendations

Euan regards Black Walnut as an excellent choice for various home applications. The dark, rich tones of this wood make for stunning dining room furniture, while its strength and durability ensure it stands the test of time. In bathrooms, Black Walnut offers a touch of sophistication, bringing an element of luxury to your everyday routines.