General Joinery Work

My joinery work is a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology. I believe in the durability of traditional carpentry methods while embracing the innovations that modern technology offers. This fusion ensures that my creations are timeless in design, robust in structure, and compatible with contemporary lifestyles.

Bespoke Joinery

Having catered to a wide array of business and private clients, creating diverse pieces from dining furniture to oak university libraries, I understand the nuances of bespoke joinery. My years of bespoke experience enable me to undertake unusual projects, design individual pieces, and create unique solutions that you won’t find elsewhere.

Euan has just finished building the furniture for my kitchen and bathroom in Glasgow. I very much enjoyed working with him because he listens carefully and tries to create the room you have in your mind but also collaborates and invents to make the outcome better. He found fabulous wood to work with and was endlessly patient in bringing everything together. As a result, I have a beautiful new kitchen and bathroom, which immediately felt like home. My hope is that we both enjoyed the experience. I can recommend Euan's work to anyone who wants furniture that is made to last, is both practical and original, and uses marvellous wood.
Robert Archer
I can thoroughly recommend Euan at Tailor made Furniture for anyone looking for beautiful bespoke pieces of fitted and stand alone furniture. His attentive and professional service and quality of work has resulted in our repeated custom which started with a custom oak kitchen, then we later had him create a stunning black walnut bathroom, and recently he beautifully crafted us a kitchen island. We are already planning to use him on our next home project. Would rather keep him a secret, but again cannot recommend Euan and Tailor Made Furniture enough to anyone wanting to have stunning and unique furniture.
Annette McDonald